A list of 5 tasks to complete while preparing your home for sale

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Here is short list of five things to make sure to do prior to selling your home

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Presentation is so important! In order to get the most out of the sale of your home, prepare your house the best you can.

    1. Make sure all the switches and outlets have covers, and they are clean.
    2. Every room needs adequate lighting, including the basement.
    3. Replace burnt out light bulbs. They should all be high watt bulbs. Burnt out bulbs show terribly in photos.

4. Touch up trim work.

5. Clean the windows

After these few items you are well on your way in preparing your home for sale. Consider off-site storage for furniture and possessions that will not be needed until after your move. This will also make the move to your next home much easier. After you have done all the cleaning and preparing, move on to staging your home. At last you are ready to prepare for the real estate photos.

We can help you early in the process and help you prioritize what needs to be done. Contact John & Cindy Farrell 978-468-9576.

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