Get Ready For The Buyers Home Inspection Before Putting Your Home On The Market

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Kitchen 67 Rust Street Hamilton, MAPutting your home on the market? Chances are your home’s buyer will have a home inspection and if issues are identified during the inspection the buyers will want to renegotiate the price or have you complete repairs. This is something you will not want to contend with just before the closing. There is so much to be done in preparation for a move and you will want to be focusing on moving to your new home and all the necessary tasks involved with it. In an effort to ensure the best deal and smooth transaction for your home, prepare for the buyers home inspection prior to putting your home on the market.

  • Consider a seller’s home inspection There are times when we recommend that seller’s have their own inspection. Often times issues will come up that you are unaware of that ultimately quick, easy fixes and much easier to make in advance. If something arises that you do not want to repair, finding out and disclosing to the buyer prior to their submitting an offer will have them aware of the issue upfront so they shouldn’t feel this need to renegotiate. Plus the buyers will feel confident that you are doing your best to divulge all the information they need to know. Trust is a most valuable attribute for a successful, seamless real estate transaction.
  • Documentation of maintenance Assemble all maintenance documentation, identifying who has performed the work and outlining how the house and its systems have been maintained.
  • Disclose, Disclose, Disclose Make sure that you disclose all that you know about the house. If you had a problem and have had the necessary repairs completed, show what you have done to address and rectify the problems.
  • Make sure all parts of the house are accessible No boxes or stuff piled up in corners, basements and attics. Plants should be away from the building. If not it will make it difficult for the entire house to be seen.
  • Bright Lights and Clean Spaces
  • Don’t Be Present for the Inspection By the time the buyer has their inspection you should have already provided them all the information that you have. Let them take the time and space they need to do their own inspection.

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