Get Ready! It’s Open House Time! – Here is a list of suggestions to help you prepare.

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If you are planning to have an open house, don’t miss the opportunity to truly showcase your home. Treat the day like you have invited guests and are having a party in your home. Plan for groups of people to be there at the same time. After you have staged your home and prepared it for the photos there is more you should do to get it ready for the open house. Below is a list of suggestions.


    • Rearrange furniture if necessary to accommodate traffic flow.
    • Bathrooms – Plan on having people use them. Make sure there is enough soap and paper. We recommend putting out nice disposable hand towels and a place to throw them away.

  • Have a fire going or put candles in the fireplace. Look here for inspiration.
  • Make sure the heat is on, or the air conditioning or windows are open. It is surprising how many open houses are held where the temperature is uncomfortable. It can send people running from the house.
  • Remove distracting and controversial items. Keep their focus on the house.
  • Make sure the entry is set up and comfortable for people if they are taking off shoes. A chair to sit on and a place for the shoes. We want them immediately comfortable and welcome.
  • Set tables and counters. It can be simple but make them look good. Use fresh flowers, fruit, candles, ceramics, glass……….
  • Offer drinks and snacks. Guests will linger longer and this adds to the great atmosphere.
  • Make the house smell good with either something baking in the oven, or mulled cider on the stove.
  • Do not use scented sprays or candles. Some people like them a lot, many don’t or are allergic to them. We want to have your home appeal to as many people as possible.
  • Double check that all valuables including prescriptions are stored safely. Ideally not in the house.
  • Request that people sign in.
  • In the warmer months make sure the yard is refreshed and also set up for lingering.
  • Make sure the marketing is exceptional and comprehensive. You can relax on that one. Leave that to us. If you have chosen us, you have chosen well!
  • Leave the house. You shouldn’t attend the event. People will not relax and be comfortable knowing the owners are there. They will not feel free to look in closets, open kitchen cabinets, sit in the living room, “make themselves at home”. This is what we want. For them to make it “their” home.

We put this list together to help you with the process. Please share it! Contact John & Cindy Farrell 978-468-9576. We give progressive and comprehensive assistance with the sales and marketing of homes.

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