How Much Value Will Renovations Add To Your House?

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Value of Renovations - Real Estate North Shore of BostonHave you been wondering how the renovations you have done or plan to do to your home will impact the value? Remodeling Magazine has put out their cost vs value report for 2023. This is an interactive report that breaks it down by type of project and region. They also have graphs that show you how things have changed over the years.

Remodeling Magazine explains what the numbers mean. There are many factors that can contribute to differences.

The numbers shouldn’t be applied to an individual home or project without exploring all the available information for a specific home. If you are considering selling or if you are planning a renovation project we can help you early in the process.  John & Cindy Farrell 978-468-9576

Update March 18, 2023 has a great calculator to research what people are paying for remodeling projects in different locations. You just put in your zip code and type of renovation. This is a great tool! Here is the link.

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