Caryn Kearney, Coldwell Banker Beverly, MA

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John & Cindy Farrell – Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker Beverly MA

Meet Caryn Kearney our Outstanding Office Administrator! We are pleased to introduce you to Caryn, but we are much more pleased that we are able to work with her! Caryn has been working at Coldwell Banker for about 25 years. She came  to the company as an agent, was asked to fill in for an administrator and was quickly hired to a full time administrative position. Caryn has been the office administrator the whole time we have been working with Coldwell Banker.

Caryn is a solid support person. She handles the record keeping and details of each real estate transaction, making sure that the necessary information between the clients and the company are processed and is correct and organized. In addition to her impeccable detailed work, she is a resource for office information and systems. She adds to and supports the productive, efficient and pleasant atmosphere in our office.

How has your job changed over the years? “When I started there were no computers. There was no faxes. There was no email. The job has basically remained the same, but the way of doing it has evolved. This is the third Coldwell Banker office I’ve worked in, and at some point I’ve done every single job to keep the office and the agents afloat, sometimes being the lone administrative person in the office. By the time I came to the Beverly office where there were three administrators I was able to go with my strengths and select my preferences.”

What would you like clients to know about you? ” Not a thing, I am completely behind the scenes. But if they needed to know anything, it would be that I’m precise, timely, and detailed….exactly the right person to be doing the job I’m doing.”

What is your passion? I am still searching for my passion that might help to better the world just a little bit. But personally, my passion includes my pussy cats, (that’s Julie in the photo) my family, musicals, Jewish delis, travel to tropical places and my friends.”

Caryn will often interface with attorneys, vendors, service providers and clients. In addition to taking care of the specific details she needs to with each real estate transaction, Caryn has a broad understanding of the real estate industry. As real estate agents we are often not at our desks or in our office. Our “office” has to be quite mobile so it helps make our business run more smoothly knowing we can always call on Caryn to help with details we are unable to take care of on the road. She brings a positive and calming presence in an often stressful industry environment. We are fortunate to work in partnership for so long.  John & Cindy




  1. Anne Webster  February 20, 2013

    Fantastic blog! I can attest to the fact that Caryn is a true professional who deeply cares about the success of the Realtors within the organization. Thank you for sharing!

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