17 + Things You Can Do To Prepare Your Home For Real Estate Photos

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Preparing for Real Estate Photos

Get ready for the photos when you put your home on the market. Once you have organized your belongings and then staged your home you are not finished getting ready to put your home on the market. It’s important to take extra care preparing your home for the photos. Many things are often neglected and compromise the quality of the photos and your homes presentation. We have prepared a short list of often overlooked items. Your home has to be prepared a little more for the photos than you would for a showing. A coat over the arm of a chair or a box of tissues on a night stand may be fine when you are showing your home, but not for the photos. The photos will go far and wide. Once you loose the attention of a buyer you may not be able to get it back.

We often hear how first impressions are important when a buyer comes to see your home. But often the first impression is the photos that are presented online. It may be the difference between a showing and a sale and having your home immediately cut from the list of potential properties with no showing ….. without a second thought. Preparing for real Estate Photos - Boston North Shore


  • Clear off counter tops – only leave what looks great – accent pieces, fruit, flowers
  • Take everything off the refrigerator
  • Pet dishes, beds and crates should be out of sight
  • Trash cans in all the rooms should not be visible
  • Bathroom toiletries and toothbrushes should be out of sight
  • Towels put away unless they are clean hand towels or accent the room
  • Plugs and cords should not be visible even if things need to be unplugged temporarily for the photos
  • Organize, straighten and streamline shelves
  • Consider adding flowers, bowls of fruit and accent pieces where needed throughout the house
  • Make sure all the light bulbs are working and all recessed lights have the same bulbs
  • Remove seasonal items


  • Put trash barrels away
  • Cars out of the drivewayPreparing for Real estate Photos
  • Put away yard toys
  • Nothing in the pool
  • Make sure only what you want in the photos is visible through the windows, while walking through each room. No cars, yard tools, recycling bins etc.
  • Set up yard furniture and picnic tables. Consider adding colorful pillows and flowers
  • Remove seasonal items

We can help you get your home ready for photos and ready to go on the market early in the process. It’s time well spent that will really make a difference.

John & Cindy Farrell

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