Smart Home Technology

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What is a smart home? Many people have been talking about “Smart Home Technology”. Although it’s an industry that started long ago, it is rapidly expanding and the products that are available and continue to be developed is growing with increasing speed and diversity. The term “Smart Home” has become a common phrase but until recently there was no working definition. CNET and Coldwell Banker have worked together to create a definition that has offered consistency that ...

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Real Estate Absorption Rate

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John & Cindy Farrell -Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Real Estate Absorption Rates - Beverly Massachusetts

What is an absorption rate?

A real estate absorption rate refers the length of time that the current inventory of properties would take to sell if the conditions remained the same as they have been during the past chosen period of time.

Number of Sales / 12 (Number of months) = Rate (How ...

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