What Should You Do With Your Valuables?

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Preparing Your Home For Sale – Safeguard those Valuables!

Hopefully you are considering this question as you prepare to sell your home. While the house is on the market you should not be living in it as usual. The general public will be invited to walk through your home. You are selling, stage your house to sell and remove all the valuables. The goal is to position your home correctly and have it sold quickly. The period of time you are inconvenienced should be relatively short.

There are many options available to keep everything safe.

1. Store things with family or friends.

2. Move them to another property

3. Locked closet, safe or drawer

4. Safety deposit box

5. Storage facility

6. Take things with you during the showing or open house Read More →


Home Inspections and Buying Real Estate

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Should I have a home inspection?

An important part of the process of purchasing real estate is inspecting prior to completing the sale. We recommend leaving time after the acceptance of your offer,  to complete the inspections you choose to have, like radon, zoning, conservation issues etc., so you can make sure you know all that you can about the property prior to moving forward. It’s best to be prepared to have your inspection scheduled as quickly as possible so you have time and you don’t feel rushed. All inspections are not the same,  inspectors are different and their areas of expertise can vary a lot so you need to interview. There is also a lot of variation on what needs to be investigated depending on what it is and the location. There are also issues that may be particularly important to you and you will want to make sure they will be covered.

The Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation puts out a consumer fact sheet that we suggest you take the time to review.

Choosing an inspector carefully and thoughtfully is paramount. If you hire us as real estate agents to represent you as your buyer’s agent we will be able to make recommendations.

The time spent during the inspection is a great opportunity to understand the property you plan to purchase and a good time to learn how to care for your new home and how to maintain it. Read More →


Selling a home on the North Shore of Boston near the beach?

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“I have a house near the beach I’d like to sell. When should I put it on the market?”

We have just put 3 Wauketa Road in Gloucester on the market. It’s located in the private section of Wingaersheek Beach. This home is great for year round living or as a second home. It started out as a cottage in 1968 but like many small cottages it has been expanded and renovated. It takes advantage of the beautiful setting and light with large windows that look out to the water.

Many people look for a home near the beach year round. But there are a portion of potential buyers that want a home near the water to use this summer as a get away. They may also plan to off set the cost of owning this second home by renting it out, possibly by the week. If they are ready to buy now they are also looking at locking in excellent mortgage interest rates.

It’s early spring and if a home is purchased now the buyers will not only be able to take advantage of those great mortgage rates, they will potentially be in their homes and able to enjoy them by Memorial Day if not sooner. That may be the motivation to make that purchase now. The North Shore of Boston has considerable resources to take advantage of and the beaches are just a start. Explore the beaches on Cape Ann. The summer is fast approaching. Where do the buyers of your home want to be?




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