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What is a smart home? Many people have been talking about “Smart Home Technology”. Although it’s an industry that started long ago, it is rapidly expanding and the products that are available and continue to be developed is growing with increasing speed and diversity. The term “Smart Home” has become a common phrase but until recently there was no working definition. CNET and Coldwell Banker have worked together to create a definition that has offered consistency that consumers and professionals can work with. Coldwell Banker has also supported CNET in creating a Smart Home home in Louisville where they are able to test out Smart Home products and technologies.

Coldwell Banker has just attended the consumer electronics show, CES 2017, and has been reporting on many of the the new smart home products we will be seeing in the market place. It won’t be long before we see Smart Home products in homes as frequently as we see common household appliances and features like central air conditioning and vacuums.

As we watch the rapid flood of products enter the marketplace we advise really thinking about what benefit any particular product will provide and how they work with each other. There are so many types of products to choose from.

We are now both certified as Smart Home agents. Contact John & Cindy Farrell for guidance and to answer questions about Smart Homes. 978-468-9576

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