Be Careful of Potential Carbon Monoxide Poisoning with all the Snow!

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Clear exhaust vents!

WM Winter North Shore - HamiltonMake sure to clear the exhaust vents for your furnaces, hot water heaters, chimneys and cars! With all the snow building up and the winds causing drifts, there’s potential the vents will get covered up with snow and cause carbon monoxide to back up into your living spaces and cars. This can cause a life threatening situation.

  • Check the vents everywhere, including where you work.
  • Make sure that your carbon monoxide detectors are working and that they have a fresh battery in them.
  • Don’t sit in the car or let anyone else sit in the car while plowing and shoveling. It’s very easy for the snow to block the car exhaust. This can happen with very little snow accumulation.
  • Don’t forget the chimneys. They can get blocked as well.
  • Check vents, exhausts and chimneys regularly throughout the storm and during clean up.

Many homes today have directly vented heaters. Are your vents high enough? Learn about carbon monoxide poisoning from the CDC and the Mayo Clinic.

And please remind your family, friends and neighbors! Stay safe!

John & Cindy

Updated December 25, 2022


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