Maintaining the Equity in Your Home

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Maintain the equity in your home

It happens often, people don’t give enough thought to maintaining and increasing the equity in their homes, until they call us to help them sell it!

From the moment home ownership is taken, the impact of improvements and revisions should always be in the forefront of the decision making process, with attention given to increasing and maintaining home equity.

We advise our clients, even if they don’t think they will ever sell, they should still be mindful of, and prepared for that possibility. A tempting, unexpected opportunity may come along, or life circumstances may change, and suddenly a decision is made to sell. It is at this pivotal point that the homeowner would understandably like to get as much return as possible on their valuable asset.

Below are just a few things to consider with regard to maintaining home equity: Read More →


Wondering how your renovations will affect your home’s value?

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Renovations and Home Value

This is a question we are asked frequently. We have addressed the question in a post before and decided to bring it back with a new post, since it is continuously a popular subject. Remodeling magazine has updated their data for 2016 with the Remodeling 2016 Cost vs. Value Report. They explain what their numbers mean and the method they used to obtain them. It is a great tool to play around with.

Many factors can greatly effect the cost of a renovation or building project. We continue to use the calculator to get an idea of what people are spending in different locations for different projects. Check it out. Read More →