Don’t overlook! 11 Things To Clean Right Before Your Home Goes On The Market.

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Bathroom FixturesThere’s a lot of physical work involved with the process of selling a home. Starting with removing, passing on and discarding the things that won’t be going with you to your new home. Then on to the staging of your home. Additional preparation is needed for the photos. The cleaning process should be taking place throughout each step. It’s easy to miss a few items. Below are a list of eleven details that are often overlooked.

  1. Light switch plates and plugs
  2. Appliances – Don’t forget these areas;
    • The inside of the microwave, and refrigerator.
    • The gaskets for the dishwasher, refrigerators and freezers.
    • The water and ice cube dispenser in the refrigerator.
    • Make sure the washing machine smells fresh.
  3. Underneath the sinks
  4. Kitchen and bathroom fixtures – have them sparkling and dry
  5. Ceiling fans
  6. The garbage pails both inside and out
  7. Hand rails, banisters, and trim work from hands
  8. Door knobs and cabinet pulls
    • Both inside the house and exterior doors
  9. Light bulbs and light fixtures
    • Indoor lights & bulbs
    • Outdoor lights, especially the ones leading into the house
  10. Driveway Stains
  11. Windows inside and out – Remove any unnecessary stickers

It’s important to get your home sparking clean to make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers. We don’t want them to be thinking about all the work it will take, just to move in. They will be more comfortable and better able to see themselves living there. It will show that your home has been well cared.

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